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Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday peeps.  Time for another random Five on Friday.



Mark your calendars!  Ashley of Newlyweds and Nesting and I are going to host a linkup on Thursday, November 21. We want to see what's in your bag...purse, diaper bag, or make-up bag - we don't care!  Just show us what you can't leave home without!  #whatsinyourbag


It's shot day in our house. While I'm not excited about taking Mr. Jack to get his 6-month shots, I am excited about getting him checked my his doctor and talking to her about starting solids. I love to see how he is growing and (hopefully) learn that he continues to be a healthy little guy. Extra cuddles this weekend are in store!


I have the most informative, wonderful, smart friends! This is yet another example of why I love social media so much. I asked the question yesterday about making baby food at home vs. buying it and the responses I received were overwhelming. Although there were many differing opinions, everyone was so respectful in sharing what worked for them and just truly helpful.

If you are already friends with me on Facebook, check out the thread here. If we aren't friends, but you want to join in on the conversation (or others...I often get these conversations going), feel free to friend me here.


I did a quick Target run on my lunch break this week and there was SOOOOO much stuff that I wanted to buy.  They also have all of their wrapping paper and other Christmas items out already.  Cute wrapping paper alert, although Hobby Lobby is usually my go-to for Christmas wrapping. 


 I just bought this Reindeer advent calendar from Pottery Barn Kids and I can't wait to put it up.  Check out all of PBK's advent calendars

I'm normally a bah humbug this time of year due to all of the holiday stress, but this year I am so excited!!!  I plan to be low-key about gift giving and focused on enjoying the season.  Last year was our first Christmas in our house and we didn't even pull the Christmas tree out.  I was pregnant, tired and we were going to be out of town for Christmas.  This year for Jack's first Christmas we are going all out!


  1. G and I hit Target on Tuesday and the entire Christmas section was just empty shelves - they haven't started stocking yet - and they didn't have any of those cute mugs! I was so disappointed....oh Tyler!

    1. Oh Tyler! That's how our Rosenberg location is...always a few weeks behind Sugar Land!

  2. I don't have a facebook, but when I was a nanny, this was my employer's go to book for homemade baby food. The little guy loved all of them except for beets. They were really easy to make. We used an immersion blender instead of something more complicated. The immersion blender was really easy to clean. Justh thought I'd share:

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendation! There are so many options out there. It's nice to know what has worked well for others.



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