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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hope you had a great weekend, survived Monday and are ready for Thanksgiving!


After work, Jason, Jack and I attended my step-brother's gun store opening.  Nothing like a baby being surrounded by a wall of guns.  We are some good parents I tell ya!  He was pooped after the party, but alert enough to try his first vegetable, an avocado.  Success!  He couldn't get enough.  Just like his mama. 

Look at those cowboy boots!


Pretty lazy Saturday.   We all slept in too long so I missed my morning workout.  I did manage to fit in a hair cut, trip to Target, Mimi visit and getting out all of the Christmas decorations.  We didn't finish decorating because someone wouldn't sleep.  We tried the cry it out method, but that didn't last very long.  We are wusses and still trying to find the perfect method for getting the little guy down.  I hope he isn't a night owl like me, but after nine months of being in my night owl stomach, I wouldn't be surprised.   

Jack rocking his new Gap Christmas PJ's (and not sleeping)!


We attended church on Sunday and attended a meeting afterwards about the Christmas Pageant...we are supplying the Baby Jesus!  Afterwards we took my mom and stepdad to lunch for his birthday.  Jack was such a good boy during the entire meal and sat in a restaurant highchair for the first time (loved using the Itzy Ritzy highchair cover and Tiny Diner). 

We ended the day doing more decorating, {trying} to watch the American Music Awards and hanging out with my sister-in-law.  I guess Jack was too excited to see his AJ (Aunt Jeanna) and didn't want to sleep...again!

I'm happy to report that Jack went down great on Monday night after we made a few modifications to his bedtime's hoping we have a repeat tonight!


  1. I sympathize with the sleep struggles; glad the bedtime routine helped! And we are wusses too; the cry-it-out method was too hard on Trey and I. Ha!

  2. Hey hun! Did you ever get your mug?



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