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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chelsea Lately

Halfway through the week!  I've been busy this week with no time left in the evenings for my poor, neglected blog.  I'm sneaking a few quick minutes while at work today to check in with everyone!


I know I didn't do a weekend recap post - there wasn't too much to report on although we did have a great one.  Friday we were quiet at home.  Saturday we did some home chores as usual, a few errands, grocery store run and a super casual dinner out.  The highlight of my Saturday was a MUCH needed pedicure and quick stroll through Target - coffee in hand.  I seriously only needed diapers, but wanted to browse a bit so I did not allow myself to get a shopping cart.  Anyone else ever do this?  Best decision ever since Target has a TON of cute fall home decor stuff out now that may have ended up with me.  Love, but so don't need!

Sunday was a busy one with church, watching the Texans lose and the Houston Moms Blog 2nd Birthday Bash at The Zone Houston.  We ended the busy day with a walk around a local duck pond with Jack and dinner at Beck's.  This was by far, my favorite part of the weekend.  Phew - guess I just did an unintentional weekend recap for ya after all!

This pretty much sums up Jack's fun at the Birthday Bash...bandaid on his arm from the Teddy Bear Clinic, slap bracelet on his leg, balloon sword in his eye!

...and lots of sugar!

**Pregnancy Update**

Last week at my doctor's appointment {33 weeks} I sort of left in panic mode.  I gained more weight than I would have liked and my doctor sort of freaked me out about time.  We are set for a c-section on October 30 and in my mind - at least last week - this is still a ways away.  That is until he was asking me if I had all my bags packed and the carseat installed to which my answer was no.  I don't like feeling unprepared - I'm usually one to complete things WAY before they need to be done.

After my appointment I drove straight to work where I furiously jumped on my Maternity Leave checklist.  I then used my lunch break to make lists of what was needed in my hospital bag, Colin's bag and even started ordering things for Jack's "Big Brother" gift.  To say I've been a bit manic the last few days is an understatement.

I'm happy to report though that Colin's bag is 100% packed, Jack's Big Brother Gift is done and my hospital bag is pretty much done!  I still need to get that carseat installed, but it's all washed and ready to go.  I just want to get a car wash this week before adding it.

**Maternity Pictures**

Last week we took maternity pictures at Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston with Mommas Gonna Snap Photography.  I've worked with Amanda before and love that she is so sweet, kind, laid back and easy going.  I never feel stressed or self-conscious when doing pictures with her.  She is a momma to two of the most precious kiddos so she gets how working with a toddler can be.  Plus Jack loves her.  I have no doubt that she got some great shots out of last week!

I had my crew dressed as much for "fall-ish" pictures as we could possibly stand.  The Houston weather was 100% humid and muggy.  We were so sweaty and gross after those 20-30 minutes of pictures that I couldn't stand myself and we just had to laugh.  After the pics we walked to Phoenicia for dinner and then right across the street to Jason's new office.  Jack was out a bit late (heck so was I) but it was worth it!  Jason's new office is so cool - he works promoting the city of Houston so the artwork and posters in the building are entire floor of it is dedicated to Superbowl 2017 which will be in Htown!


Jack is still doing great at preschool two days a week!  He screams "yay" every time we pull into the preschool parking lot and never cries at drop-off.  His teachers tell us he is very well-behaved and a joy to be around.  Last week the local fire department dropped by for a chat about safety and let the kids tour the truck.  I couldn't attend due to work, but my mom made an appearance to take pictures.  So thankful to have her as my proxy when I'm unavailable.

**Blog Post about Working Moms**

Oh boy, this had been a major thing going on in my life the past week.  Last week I posted on Houston Moms Blog about "Little Digs to Working Moms that Cut Deep."  The intended purpose of the post was to share my heart on little {unintentional} statements that can be hurtful to a working mom, or at least me.  It was supposed to just create a small awareness of how little things we ALL say can affect others, but to some it seemed to stir a greater debate...once again about the mommy wars: working moms vs. stay at home moms.  And don't get me started on the debate I caused about the word "blessed." 

I'm honestly a little tired of defending my statements so for now, I'll just let the post speak for itself.  I love, love, love that it created a conversation on various forms on social media and in the comments section of the post, but a few comments "cut a little deep" to this 8 months pregnant/hormonal lady.  I think the worst was the person who judged me for not choosing to make sacrifices in order to stay home and take care of Jack.  She read my bio that states I "work full-time in order to keep up with my Starbucks and online shopping habit."  It's called a joke people.  I wish I could just cut out Starbucks and be able to quit my job!  So much for attempting a little humor.

All I can say is that being a mom is hard - whether you work full-time, part-time, at home, stay at home, have one, two, three, seven, married, single, gay or straight, black, white, blue or purple.  It's freaking hard.  Let's all do our best and learn from everyone's different situation and support each other.  Rant over.  Mic dropped. 

Hope you have the best week ever - whose loving some new fall TV?!?!

P.S.  If you are participating in the Fall Scarf Swap, you should have made contact with your partner by now.  If you haven't heard back from them or are having any trouble or questions, just let me know!  ...and to my partner - I emailed you yesterday!

Next deadline is to have your scarf shipped off by October 6!


  1. You are looking fab!! Hooray for getting things done on that baby #2 list. I am looking forward to the swap!

  2. You look fantastic! Target always had the best seasonal decor!

  3. I for one loved your post last week. I thought it was sensitive and just brought more awareness. Great job mama!

  4. I just have to say that I can't wait to read your blog post about being a working mom and when I finally found your blog I was SO relieved that you are a working mom that blogs. YOU make a difference in my life as a mother, because you exist, you write about it, you go through all of the same emotions that we all do, and I love knowing that you're out there and I'm not alone. There are not enough working mom blogs and I'm impressed by you and proud that you write. Keep it up. Good luck with those babes and there are plenty of us on your side! Elizabeth (Boise, ID)

  5. Were mommy wars a thing before blogs? I'm sure but goodness they are EVERYWHERE now. but on to more important fabulous are these fall cups?! i like them more than the red ones. :)



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