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Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I am telling my 8.5 month pregnant and tired self that it's going to be a wonderful week!  I did drive all the way to Jack's school this morning with my keys on top of my car, but they were there when we pulled in so good things...right? 

We had a great weekend, but I can't say I got much rest!  I even walked 11,825 steps yesterday which is a LOT for me these days.


I ran out of work a little early on Friday so I could get a car wash and run to the grocery store after finding out Jason's mom and sister would be staying with us for the weekend.  As much as someone tells me not to worry about getting anything for them, I was raised to always have a fully stocked kitchen when people are staying with you!  Jack and I met Jason's mom at the house and then met Jason for dinner.  Afterwards we let Jack run around the Town Square again which has become a regular thing these days.  


Saturday morning was crazy town at our house.  As soon as we finished up with breakfast, we had a slew of people stopping by for several home checks and repairs.  In between these visits we tried to hang stuff in the nursery and finish Colin's room.  By lunchtime I was spent!

Still a work in progress like paint touch-ups, but it's coming along!

Saturday afternoon I attended a Baby Sprinkle for me and Colin! My Juinor League friends out did themselves with the cutest and sweetest afternoon tea.  I'll post more about that tomorrow! 

Afterwards I came home and hung out with my boys, Jason's mom, and sister who joined us for the rest of the weekend.  They watched a scary movie and I had to bow out.  I'm a horror movie junkie, but these days I can't handle them...hormones, maybe?


The one thing Jason's mom wanted to do while in town was to visit a local nursery that she loves.  Even though it was rainy we made it there before the Texans game.  As usual, Jack had a great time running around outdoors and seeing all of the animals - fish, frogs, cats, dogs and chickens.  What more could a little boy ask for?

34 Weeks

We headed home for lunch and the Texans game.  I had tamales and tons of chips and dips for everyone to snack on.  Once I got Jack down for his nap, I ran out for a few errands before heading home and starting on dinner.

I was majorly craving some Sausage and Corn Chowder since it was a gloomy day (even though the temps did not warrant a soup craving).  It was delish if I do say so myself.  And the rest of the evening was spent preparing for the week!

Hope you have an easy Monday and a fabulous week!  

P.S.  Scarf Swappers :: Don't forget to start shopping for your scarf swap partner...shipping deadline is a week from tomorrow: Tuesday, October 6!

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  1. Colin's nursery is looking so, handsome! So glad you're feeling well but I know that last month can be so exhausting.



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