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Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hope you had a great weekend!  We are loving the nice weather we've been having in Houston.  It actually felt like fall was close.  I don't think I put any makeup on all weekend which explains my lack of picture taking...


After I got home from work on Friday, I scooped Jack up and we headed out to run some errands and kill time before Jason was home from work.  Our house is a bit of a disaster until Tuesday when we are having a few repairs done so I was happy to get out.  Jack and I picked up Colin's custom baby bedding that was finally in and then stopped at a local park that has tons of ducks and turtles.  Jack was in heaven.

We met Jason for dinner at Escalantes...this mama was craving their enchiladas, but then immediately regretted that decision after heartburn set in.  Hello month 8 of pregnancy! 

After dinner we walked through our local downtown area and ended up at "the square" to let Jack run around the fountains that he loves and listen to the live music.  He just loved it and we even ran into some friends.  It was so worth letting Jack stay up way past his bedtime.  


We were lazy bums Saturday morning just taking our time with breakfast and getting dressed.  We finally headed out the door around 11 and headed to our typical Saturday stop these days : Lowe's for a few things Jason needed to complete my "honey-do" list for him.  Jack had the best time because all of the Halloween inflatables were displayed in the store including a massive haunted house that he could run in. 

...And yes, we ended up taking an inflatable home.  My husband is the biggest kid when it comes to Halloween.  I pointed out that we won't even be home on Halloween this year and immediately after Halloween will be coming home with a NEWBORN.  My wants of keeping the Halloween decor to a minimum this year were quickly brushed off and he promised he would take it all down himself even while we are in the throws of adjusting to being a family of 4.  Let's all remember this conversation as I have to beg him to take down the Halloween mid November. 

We did a quick lunch at Chick-fil-a, knocked out the grocery store and headed home for naps.  

Saturday night Jason made us delicious steaks and green beans and we were in bed early!  Crazy kids I tell you...


What a lazy, yet productive Sunday we had!  The weather was gorgeous and after sleeping in until 8am - thank you Jack - we headed outside to do some garage clean-out and other outdoor chores.  Mostly Jason did the chores while I wrangled little man.

By noon we were finished so we could settle in and watch the Texans game.  Too bad it ended in a loss.  Jack looked precious in his new JJ Watt jersey and I'm kicking myself for not snapping a pic!

The boys napped and I was productive (but still made time to put my feet up) and we had a lazy afternoon at home making burger sliders for dinner! 

Oh and Halloween Pajama Season in the Purifoy household has officially begun...

Pajamas from Gap


-  If you want to participate in the Fall Scarf Swap, don't forget to leave a comment HERE by this Wednesday, 9/16!

-  Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $25 Gift Card to Pink Blush Boutique! 

Have a great week!

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  1. mmm enchiladas! But no bueno (hehe) that you got heartburn! Sorry girl! Looks like a nice weekend overall :)



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