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Monday, March 23, 2009

Engagement Pics...

Are taken! We had so much fun yesterday running around downtown Houston taking our engagement pictures. We got lots of awesome shots, including ones of Tucker! We got everything I wanted...a bench shot, a downtown building shot, a laying in the grass shot, a puppy shot with Tucks, a walking the street shot, a ring shot and the green/blue tiled wall shot. Yea!!!

Jason and I can't wait to see them and of course we will share with you as soon as we do. After we finished with the pics we were starving. I have been so good lately on my diet that I felt I needed a little cheat so we had my favorite...Mexican food at Escalante's. It was a perfect end to a perfect day...except when I had to write a paper after we got home and I was exhausted!
I had an awesome makeup artist, Amanda come to my apartment to give me a pretty face for the shoot. Here I am when she was finished...
Makeup close-up...I am so serious...I kinda look like I'm going to kill someone-oops!
Our after pics meal...cheese enchiladas and fresh guacamole-yum!

I was REALLY happy!
And Jason was really sleepy...doesn't he look handsome!


  1. Ooh - you look lovely! That makeup looks just right - as do those to make some for dinner!

  2. your makeup artist did a fabulous job! you look gorgeous!

  3. Yes, Jason is handsome, but he was a cuter baby



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