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Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Engagement Shots I Love...

I am at home on a Saturday night not feeling well. I had a totally free weekend-Jason and I were going to have date night on Friday and then I was going to attend his open house for his resort's reception for the opening of the fine dining restaurant. All week I was feeling under the weather, but I thought I had it under control until Friday afternoon I started getting progressively worse!

Typical- free weekend - sick at home...what does that mean though? I nice, long engagement picture post! As you all know, J and I are taking our e-pics in one week! I have been looking at lots of pictures to try and figure out our outfits and what we should do. Here are my faves...enjoy!

From Jasmine Star her!

I just love brightly colored walls!

This describes Jason and I to a tee! We are always on our computers sitting side by side...we may go hours without talking if we are deep in thought on our projects - at least we are spending time with each other. If this was us though, the computers would be HP, we aren't that cool to have apples...
One of my fave pictures much fun!

The next set of pics comes from Kelly Niemann, our photographer!!!!!

I just love bright walls...

Here are 2 cool downtown Houston pics I love from Serendipity Photographers:

That's it for me! Good night ~Chelsea

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