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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet our Venue

I went to our wedding and reception venue today because I drive past it almost everyday and it was just too pretty to resist today...welcome:

Scary bridge that I will have to walk down to get to the alter #1:
Bridge #2:
Almost there....are you out of breath yet?

Getting closer...
Stop! That's enough for today! Let's look at the animals that were there to greet me. Here is Mr. Softshell turtle:

And the other turtles...

Peacock #1...I just love these guys!
I learned today, why they say "leaping lizards." This guy was on the ground, but lizards kept jumping around everywhere!
The ducks...

This guy was in a bad mood. he kept picking on all the other peacocks and he kind of scared me!

That's his bad side...

I also saw a raccoon which is weird since it was 5 in the afternoon. He was way too fast to catch on camera! Have a great Friday.

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