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Monday, March 30, 2009


Are out! They were mailed last week and have been arriving at their homes. My amazing mom, Shelley graciously addressed all of them herself. (She actually banned me from even touching them because I have such awful handwriting), but whatever, they look amazing!

Since the invitations are in people's hands, I can finally show you what we chose. (This is a sample of the invitation). We used a mix of script and the font below. Very simple invitations, that go with our garden wedding theme. I love them! Hope you do too.

We used the "Wedding Heart" stamp below on both our invitation and reply cards. The sage green stamp (below) was used on the reply card and the same stamp, but in creme was used on the invitation.

What type of stamp did you use on your invites? I love custom stamps with people's pics on them like below from Chris + Flora, but that will add some major moolah $$ onto your wedding budget. Yay for the wedding hearts stamp!

Jason and I just lucked out that there was already a stamp out there that perfectly matched our wedding theme and invites!

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