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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Week

I'm too busy this week to write a quality post so you get bullets instead:

- We get our house tonight!!! We have been leasing back the house to it's previous owners since we closed which made the excitement linger, but we finally get it in a few hours. No big move just yet. We plan to do some work before moving day. I see a lot of before/after posts coming...

- I'm trying to drink more water this week. a.) because it's good for you and b.) I'm trying to flush out my system as I need a flat stomach by Saturday for a figure hugging dress and I'm too busy to workout, although I'm feeling extra bloated from all the water. the cycle never ends.

- My trip to Tyler two weekends ago made me miss Ashley even more!

- I just started selling ads for The Junior League of Houston's Charity Ball Program and Houston News magazine. Have something you want to advertise to 5,000+ women in the Houston area? Email me: chelsea {dot} purifoy {at} for more info.

- I'm almost just as excited to make a binder tonight than I am to get our house keys...dork alert!

- Don't you just LOVE this proposal? I watched it so many times this weekend and then got crazy excited when the couple was interviewed on the Today Show Tuesday morning. If you haven't seen it yet (you are living under a rock) and need to watch it now. Enjoy!


  1. Jac and I were discussing you and the ad sales, she said YES you should call her!

  2. Awesome! She was actually assigned to me to call, but they are making us wait to call them until the new contracts are printed.



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