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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Jason and I watch enough television as is without having premium movie channels so we have never spent the extra money on it, however, after hearing the rave reviews from critics and more importantly,  my girlfriends, I added HBO to our channel list solely for Girls. 

Being touted as the Sex and the City for a younger generation, Girls is a show about four post-collegiate twenty-something girls living in New York City.  I caught up yesterday on all three episodes and can say that I absolutely LOVE it.  The writing is hilarious, but the best part is the REALNESS of it.  It's more real than reality TV...the four main actresses (and supporting cast) all look like real people (I mean as much as you can for Hollywood)!  And they speak about real situations facing young women after college, in a sarcastic hilarious way of course.

Some are saying it's a bleak depiction of what real women face, but I would beg to differ...boyfriends, love, dating, drugs, periods, careers, money, sex, abortion, STD's, friendships, parents, being kicked out of the nest, homosexuality, following your dream vs. paying the bills.  Maybe us girls, don't have to face every and all of the situations all at once, but I'm sure every girl or woman can relate to at least three on this list!

Fun tidbits of info: Lena Dunham the main character, writes and directs the show too.  Allison Williams, who plays Marnie, is Brian Williams (NBC news anchor) daughter.  The show is produced by Judd Apatow, of 40-Year Virgin and Knocked Up. 

Lena Dunham

Brian Williams with daughter, Allison Williams

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