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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Been Too Long

Me and Jason at the Sugar Land Skeeters Opening Game last week

Another unexpected blogging hiatus.  It's clearly been too long since I just logged in and even Blogger is different!  Is it just mine? 

Anyway, Happy May First, or as it's known in our household, Birthday Month!!!  Yes, I've taken my birthday and stretched it from a standard day celebration to a week long celebration to now a month long celebration.  Can we say starved for attention?  I'm really not, but it's always fun to have something to get excited about...

I love May for lots of other reasons too...

Warm weather - Cute spring clothes - Beach weekend getaways - Laying out by the pool - "Beach Reads" - Summer concert tours - Summertime drawing closer (although when you work year round and don't have children, I'm not sure why I look forward to summer so much, but I still do) - Grilling - Tan skin - Memorial Day Long Weekend - Bright colors - Celebrating our moms

Other fun things that are coming up in the Purifoy Household:
-  Visiting The Bouwers!!!
-  Celebrating Sara and Adrienne's Birthdays
-  Annual Girls Day with my Mom
-  Completing this year's Junior League placement
-  Moving into our new house
-  Decorating our new house
-  Wedding in Austin
-  Coldplay Concert
-  Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary
-  Getting bathing suit ready...this one isn't fun, but I keep having to remind myself of it's importance!

I feel re-inspired with lots of blog posts ideas.  Bring on May!

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