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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I never did a Mother's Day Post, but by now if you read my blog regularly, you know my mom and I are super close.  She is my rock, sounding board and best friend.  This year was very special because my birthday fell on Mother's Day.  She's the one person I don't mind sharing my bday with! 

We obviously spent the day together celebrating our special days.  One of the things I got her for Mother's Day was the new Kendra Scott Elle earrings in Turquoise.  The Elle earrings are the smaller version of the popular Danielle earrings, which I have...I knew mom would like the smaller version.  They are so cute on her!

And sidenote, regarding these earrings, I love the bold statement and pop of color that the Danielle earrings add, however, I will say that they are heavy.  They don't bother me when I first put them on, but after wearing them all day my ears hurt!  I've read the Elle earrings aren't bothering people since they are much lighter. 

Elle Earrings in turquoise

Danielle earrings in turquoise

I went to Nordstroms specifically for these earrings for mom.  I got so lucky because they had one pair left!  I picked them up but continued to browse through the jewelry section to make sure this was what I wanted for mom.  I noticed a lady following me and watching my every move, but I just figured she was doing the same thing I was.  When I finally told the sales clerk to wrap up the Kendra Scott earrings, I heard the lady grunt and run off.  What did I do???

The salesclerk told me she wanted that last pair and was hoping I would drop them...sorry lady! 

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!  Love ya lots!

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