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Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

Hooray for short weeks!  I needed a short week after my crazy Tuesday.  I am so excited that it's time for another Five on Friday link-up party.  In the few short weeks that I've been participating, I've already met some great bloggers.  This gives me yet another reason to love Fridays!! 



I know you are sick of hearing me plug Houston Moms Blog, but the site went live on Tuesday and today, yours truly is the featured blogger!  Please, please, please go check it out and show me some love in the comments section. 

While you are there, enter to win each of the amazing giveaways we have going on in our 30 Days of Giveaways the entire month of don't even have to be a mom and it's seriously good stuff people...hello May Books!


My new Erin Condren Life Planner should be arriving today {yes, I've been stalking tracking it's Fed Ex progress all week}!!!  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  Erin Condren Life Planner Day now comes once a year to the Purifoy household and feels like Christmas minus all the stress!  Look for a Planner Reveal Vlog coming soon.  You can watch last year's reveal vlog for the 2012 planner or read about my 2011 planner to hold you over! 

P.S.  I splurged and had to get the Special Gold Edition this year!!! 


It's also Scarf Swap time over at The Tichenor Family Blog.  Meredith posted our scarf swap partners this week and I was paired up with Ashlee.  We instantly hit it off over our love of Target and our chihuahuas.  I'm so excited to shop for the perfect scarf for her.  This is my third year to participate in this scarf swap.  Read about my swap experiences in 2011 and 2012.  Are you participating this year?  Where is your favorite place to buy scarves?


Who is ready for new Fall TV shows!!!  Which new shows are you excited to try and which old favorites are you waiting for? 

Super Fun Night, Starring Rebel Wilson

I am excited to try:
The Blacklist (James Spader) - 9/23 NBC
Trophy Wife (Malin Ackerman) - 9/24 ABC
Super Fun Night (Rebel Wilson) - 10/2 ABC...I have a feeling this one won't make it, but I just love Rebel Wilson!

Old favorites include:
Modern Family - 9/25 ABC
Glee - 9/26 FOX
Parenthood - 9/26 NBC
The Walking Dead - 10/13 AMC


You didn't think I would finish this post without a picture of Jack, did you?  Jack Attack celebrated his 4 month birthday this week and we are celebrating this milestone today with a round of shots...not the alcoholic kind people!  Poor little guy has to get pricked this morning so I'm planning on giving him lots of extra cuddles today. 


  1. So many of the Houston Moms bloggers are awesome (I just wish I saw things the way Bre does because she cracks me up pretty much daily) so I'll have to stalk you ladies out some more :) I am feeling the same way about the Rebel Wilson show and I am so ready for fall TV. And I almost joined the scarf swap but I like bargain hunting for my own scarves so I thought $25 was a tinnnnny bit high but I love the idea of it!

    1. Maybe we can host another type of swap sometime soon...I'm trying to brainstorm another easy, but inexpensive swap item. Any ideas? Bre is hilarious, I agree!!!

  2. Okay, WHERE have I been??? This is the first I'm haring of the Houston Moms Blog! Heading there now to check it out!!

    And so fun that you're joining Meredith for the scarf swap! YAY! for all things fall!

    Lastly, your little guy is beyond precious. I miss the onesie days for sure!!

    1. THanks Darci! Yes, Houston Moms Blog just launched this week. I heard about it through another blogger, but also know someone who contributes for the Fort Worth Moms Blog. Can't wait for your Halloween PJ Link-Up party!

  3. Girl I think I am going to have to break down and buy one of those life planners as well. They are so cute and you have so many options to choose from the customize it.

    1. Yes, you really need one! I'm pretty confident that you will love it. The worst part is trying to decide which cover to purchase!

  4. I love the Houston Moms Blog! I'm from Houston but live in Kansas City-just got hooked up with ours this week! Best of luck to you!

    Your little boy is precious!

    1. How cool! So happy Kansas City has one too. Hope you'll still read the Houston one too. I'm jumping over to your blog now...

  5. i loved getting to know more about you over at the HMB! and, i'm so glad i had the chance to meet you in person finally!

    i'm so excited for the scarf first time!

    my fall tv lineup was in my 5onF, too. i CANNOT wait for TWD to return in October!

    have a fabulous weekend!



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