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Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Hope everyone had a great week!  Ours has been a little up and down.  Lots of things to be excited about, but also a little stressful.  Little one had his first cold earlier this week, a little rash on his tummy that may or may not be ringworm...wth???, Jason dealing with a major project at work, and me trying to fit in a blog conference in all of this! 


I took a vacation day from work today to attend a blogging conference in Houston.  Attending a conference in your own city is harder than you think...especially when nursing!  Hopefully the conference is worthwhile and I'll meet lots of great, new bloggers!  Follow along with my adventures on Twitter and Instagram #BlogElevated


Who else shopped the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Collection this week?  I totally missed the boat on the day the collection hit the stores last Sunday.  All of the good stuff (the bags and accessories) sold out online and in stores immediately.  I was shocked to see a good bit of clothing items including this great trench left at my local store on Monday night.  I was able to score the sweatshirt I wanted.  There was only one left and it was my size!  Jack didn't quite share my level of enthusiasm for my find. 


Have you seen the bow scarf tutorial on Pinterest?  I love it, but am now sure if I can pull it off.  Since I'm short and fat round it might overwhelm me.  I'll give it a the plum color scarf though!  Follow me on Pinterest. 


We still aren't decorated for fall yet and it's killing me!  I'm dying to set out my pumpkins on the front porch and put up a cute fall wreath.  Jason and I battle every year about how to decorate...he wants creepy Halloween items and I want cutesy fall pumpkins.  We did get a few mothers on Halloween that told us to "tone it down" on the scariness so maybe Jason will learn this learn. 

I really want to order a fall garland for our mantle.  Something like this one from Aidie's Hideaway.

 I also need a few fall or Halloween wreath.  I love this Halloween ribbon wreath from Ribbons & Rick Rack


I posted this picture yesterday on Instagram for Throwback Thursday, but it's worth sharing again.  Ashley and I entered a contest when both of us were engaged for the launch of Southern Weddings Magazine...and won!  You might think we are losers with way too much time on our hands, but don't worry, we did this during our time at HBU when we should have been working or studying for our MBA program...the things you'll do to put off homework and calling prospective students. 


  1. I'm so behind on the decorating for Fall as well, which is so not like me!

    1. Good to know it's not just me. We gotta get on it!

  2. I think I'm going to skip decorating for fall and just go straight to Christmas! But I do love that garland... Also I can't believe moms told you to tone your decorating down!

  3. I haven't done a thing to decorate for fall and really need to get on it. It's just been so HOT!

    My Target had a few of the bags (even the super cute one with zippers!) left on Monday, but I wasn't in the market. I was surprised!

  4. I pinned that bow scarf as well and tried it out but it looked a bit awkward on me!!! ha!

  5. I went to my Target and they had everything! I ended up with a dress and 2 bags. But, I think I'm going to take it all back. I bought a Kate Spade bag a month ago at the outlet and still haven't taken the tags off! It's cute stuff, but at the end of the day, I feel like spending money on baby stuff!

  6. It was great meeting you at the Blog Elevated conference! I look forward to keeping in touch via blogland :)



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