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Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday

TGIF.  Enough said.  Time for some Five on Friday!
{Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a $25 Starbucks Gift Card}

...And I just realized it's Friday the 13th!  My favorite day since I was born on a Friday the 13th!!!  Insidious 2 opens today for all of you horror movie fans.  J and I might just need to get a babysitter for this one.  4 months and we still haven't had a date night!



Holy cuteness.  This is just a sneak peek of Jack's 4 month photo shoot last weekend with Studio Ainsley.  If you are in Houston, you NEED to know about Studio Ainsley.  The fact that Maca, the photographer was able to get my fussy boy who just had shots to this just shows the level of her expertise.  She is the baby whisperer in my eyes!  More pics next week!


I plan to visit Bath & Body Works this weekend for some pumpkin things! I received a 20% off entire purchase coupon in the mail so I can totally justify a few soaps, right?  The big question will be which pumpkin scent to go with?  B&BW now offers over 10 different pumpkin scents including my faves Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin & Creamy Pumpkin and new scents like Pumpkin Cupcake and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. 


I know it's a little early to start thinking about convertible car seats, but Jack is a big baby so I feel like he will outgrow his Chicco infant seat within the next few months.  I need to start my research!  Any recommendations?  Britax Marathon and the Chicco Nextfit seems to be the most popular options. 

Britax Marathon in Onyx vs. Chicco Nextfit in Intrigue
I'm also wondering what most people do: Purchase one for the car used the most in the family?  Or purchase two: one for each parent and if so, did you buy two of the same seats OR one nice seat and one less expensive seat for the car not used as often. 


Ever since Meredith posted this photo and idea on Instagram and her blog I've been dying to make me some dark chocolate covered gummy bears.  I think I will make a batch tonight as a reward for this week.  Gummy bears + Dateline = perfect Friday night!

Image via


What are your thoughts on the new iPhones announced this week?  Are you feeling the colorful 5C or the impressive 5S?  One word for me: Gold.  I love Goooold...(name that movie). 

iPhone 5S options and 5C options


  1. I want a color one so bad. Now I am bummed I just bought one and have to wait :(

  2. You had me at the dark chocolate gummy bears! Didnt know such a thing existed and now I will be making this religiously! Those pics are to die for! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hope you had a great weekend! Did you try the gummy bears? I did and they were amazing.

  3. 2 expensive car seats for both cars! :( Sucks, but moving that thing is a B! Plus, I just didn't feel right about one car having the better car seat. I bet other people would disagree though.

    1. Good advice Kayla. After talking to the hubs about it, we both agree with you!

  4. Dateline every Friday is a must. I get so bummed when it's a repeat. But I can't get on board with the chocolate covered gummy bears. I mean they are really cute but those flavors don't work in my head!

    1. You should try the gummy bear Lauren...they were so good!

  5. Chocolate covered gummie bears are a Christmas staple around these parts. So so good, even if they sound a little odd at first. I love B&BW in the fall. Yum.



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