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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jack: 4 Months!


Length:  26.75 inches
Weight: 15 lbs 12.5 oz
Head Circumference:  16 inches
Based on 4 month doctor appointment, 9-6-13
Size 2 Diapers

Milestones this month:
  • Moving up to your nursery at night
  • Sleeping through the night in your crib
  • First laugh
  • Moving from his newborn Puj tub to a "big boy" tub (Eurotub)
  • Recognizing our voices and reacting to our presence
  • Blowing raspberries...and tons of them
  • First time in the ExerSaucer and Bumbo Seat
  • Mom leaving you in the evenings with Dad for a meeting and a girls dinner

Things you like this month:
  • Bath time
  • When we blow raspberries
  • Sitting up (assisted)
  • Bumbo seat
  • Being rocked to sleep at night
  • Stuffed animals, toys and activity mat
  • Putting your hands in your mouth
  • Oballs...especially the football
Things you don't like this month:
  • Laying down for too would rather sit up and see what's going on around you
  • Being held like a baby.  These days you prefer being held over my shoulder so you can look around
  • Loud, sudden noises (but who does)...I'm reaching because there is not much that you don't like these days
Special memories this month:
  • Your first real laugh was the best sound ever!  It was deeper than we thought it would be.  You laughed at Dad trying to fit an elephant puppet washcloth on his hand while you were splashing away in the tub
  • All of your cooing and constant raspberry blowing.  We can hear you in your crib just blowing away.
  • Meeting Ashley and Graham!!!
Dear Jack,

Quit growing!  This is happening too fast.  Where did my little newborn go?  You are turning into a little man who loves to laugh and be silly.  You finally started to notice your puppy brother and you love to watch him.  Bath time is still your favorite time of day (and ours now) and you just love to splash and laugh the entire time.  Both your dad and I are so excited for Halloween and holiday season to come so we can experience all of those firsts with you.  Your dad loves Halloween more than any other holiday so we will definitely be going overboard with the costumes and Halloween PJ's. We don't care.  Love you more than anything little Pumpkin.

Love, Momma 

I just had too!  Are they ill-tempered sea bass?


  1. So sweet! I can't wait to hear the first laugh. So much fun every day!

    1. Thanks Annie! Hope you and your little man are doing well.

  2. I love baby laughs! And when they lay in their cribs and "talk". Makes my heart happy!

    1. Baby laughs are truly the best sound ever. Should be a ringtone!



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