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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back On Weight Watchers

So yesterday on a whim, I rebooted my Weight Watchers membership.  It's worked for me in the past and although I haven't been super successful with it post-pregnancy I'm giving it another shot.  I like it because it's more of a healthy way of eating rather than a "diet" of eat this, not that.  It's super affordable and I love the iPhone App that I can use while on the go.

I honestly re-joined after seeing a friend and fellow Houston Moms Blogger, post on Facebook that she was joining.  We can be WW accountability buddies for each other. 

I plan on using Wednesdays now for my weekly Weight Watchers updates.  We will call this Weight Watcher Wednesday - I'm not original and I know a handful of other bloggers who have done this in the past.  No one that I know is currently doing this, but if you are, let me know so I can link up! 

Tomorrow I will be back to post about my current weight (yuck), the point system and how I plan to break it all up if you are interested.  Today I'm just sharing a few recipes and tips that have worked well in the past.  This is really just a great refresher for me, but if you are in a similar situation, I hope you will enjoy too.

Please comment below if you want to join me and Kelly in our Weight Watchers journey.  If there is enough interest, we can always do a link-up or start a private Facebook group - either for WW or just healthy lifestyle in general.    Otherwise, I'm just using these weekly posts to hold myself accountable!



I need to find some new recipes to try, but below are some that I've tried and enjoyed.  When I'm watching my diet I need to limit my carb and dairy intake - things that I seem to gravitate towards {pasta dishes, grilled cheese, quesadillas, chips and salsa, etc.}.  Skinnytaste is a great website that I plan on utilizing more in the future!

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps
I love this meal and it makes leftovers for lunch the next day.  Jack and Jason both love too. 

Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos
These are good and easy.  Another Blogger recommended them to me.  I usually eat with 1-2 fresh corn tortillas, but none if I'm really trying to be good.  You could sub a different type of fish also. 

Cilantro Lime Chicken
*CROCK POT* Meal!!!  So easy and everyone loves.  I don't use any salt and the flavor was still great because of the lime and onion.  I use more lime than recipes calls for. 

Taco Turkey Casserole
This is a great, clean meal - just watch your portions!  I was successful eating this when I was using my 21 Day Fix containers to show me how much I can eat at each meal.  Makes great leftovers for quick and easy lunches.  Just buy extra tupperware when you are grocery shopping so you can portion everything in advance. 

Thai Chicken Salad
I love these flavors for a salad and my husband who isn't a huge salad eater really likes this one. 

Egg Scramble
Everyone in my house loves eggs and they are so easy!  Pack your egg with veggies, skip the cheese if you can and add a lean meat to be more filling. 

Turkey Meatballs {eat with a side of veggies}
I have not made this particular turkey meatball recipe, however I love everything that Megan recommends.  I usually serve turkey meatballs with a side of pasta for my family, and a side of veggies {and willpower} for me.  I like bell pepper slices cooked in a little drizzle of olive oil. 

Steamed Salmon & Veggies {I need to blog this recipe}


Another struggle for me is snacking.  In between meals I grab things like a Starbucks Mocha, candy, cookies, goldfish or chips.  I especially like to treat myself to something sweet at the end of the day, once Jack is in bed and I can curl up with some Bravo TV shows.
Below are a few things I like to have on hand for snacking when I'm "being good".  Be sure and comment below with your favorite snack when watching it.

  • Hummus & Veggies - 4 points
  • Berries with toasted almonds and splash of Almond Milk - 5 points
  • English Muffin with {very little}almond butter {great breakfast idea too} - 6 points
  • Larabar - 5 points
  • Skinny Cow Ice Cream - 4 points
  • Shakeology - 5 points {when made with PB2 and unsweetened almond milk}  
  • Shakeology w/just ice & water - 3 points
  • Dried Apricots - 2 points
  • String Cheese Stick - 2 points
  • Silk Chocolate Soymilk - 4 points
  • Hard Boiled Egg - 2 points
  • Handful of almonds - 4 points
  • Fruit - obvious, but having it handy and ready is key - 0 points
  • Yogurt - 3-4 points depending on brand
  • Hot Tea - while this won't really satisfy anything, it's my go-to at night when I'm dying to snack.  I make myself some hot tea and try to go to sleep!  My fave right now is Green Tea with Citrus.  It's unsweetened and decaf too! - 0 points

  • Prep, prep, prep...and then prep some more! 
Wash the berries and put them in a container so all I have to do is eat.  Make a menu board for the week.  Lay out my workout clothes for the day.  Make a weekly plan for workouts. 
  • Set out lunch and snacks the night before
  • Drink tons of water.  Goal is 10 glasses each day.  Have stuff on hand to jazz it up if you are getting sick of it - lemon, lime, cucumber, berries. 
  • Try to do something active every day - even if it's not "working out" I'm going to try and at least my goal of 10,000 steps/day on my FitBit! 
  • Try to limit carbs to earlier in the day. 
  • No food after 9pm. 
I know a lot of people say to eat dinner early and then nothing after 7, but that just doesn't work with our schedule.  We do dinner between 6:30-7 because of when my husband gets home from work.  I like to give myself a little sweet treat once Jack goes to bed so that has to fall between 8-9.  It's better than the late night snacking I was going at 11pm while blogging. 



It's not realistic to think you will never eat out again so as lovely as that thought is, it's good to have a plan.  On those days that I just couldn't get it together and pack a lunch or snacks, you can still be good to yourself.  Places that I gravitate towards when I'm watching it:

  • Beck's - Try a House Salad with grilled chicken.  It's loaded up with lots of great veggies and a hard boiled egg!
  • My Fit Foods - It's all good, but I really love the Lemon Turkey for lunch and Turkey Chili for dinner {all small portions}.  You can read my previous experience with MFF here
  • Chick-fila - Love the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and Fruit Cup with unsweet tea...yum!
  • Jason's Deli - Love the Nutty Mixed Salad which you can order in a smaller size!


Another thing I have to watch is what I drink!  This used to mean alcohol for me, but since having Jack, I honestly don't drink that often.  Occasionally I will have a glass of wine, but that is easy for me to cut out...except when I'm having a girls night, then it's non-negotiable!

What gets me is my Starbucks habit.  In the morning I love black coffee so no big deal, but in the afternoon when I'm dragging I love getting a Grande Nonfat Mocha.  Don't let the word Non-Fat fool you...that just means skim milk.  The Mocha syrup is still plenty bad. 

When I'm watching it, I change my usual Starbucks order to an iced coffee with just a splash of skim and 1/2 sweetener and try to majorly limit those drive-thrus altogether for willpower sake! 

I don't drink sodas or sweet tea either so I'm fine there, but if you do be sure and limit your intake.


See you tomorrow for Weight Watcher Wednesday!



  1. I LOVE WW! It's what I did to lose weight and get healthy during both of my marathons. It's a great system and I plan to use it again post-pregnancy (although I'm hoping all the exercise I need in the beginning is chasing three little ones around, hehe). Here is one of my favorite recipes that I just made last night for a women's event. It's a great snack or breakfast treat. You will do great and I can't wait to see your progress! :-)

  2. I love WW and lost 12 pounds in 2011 with it. I look forward to WW Wednesday.

  3. Yay! I'll be following along for sure and trying some of these healthy recipes for sure!



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