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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday :: Juice Cleanse

Hey everyone!  I hope you are having a great week.  I survived my first week of Weight Watchers.  I started on Monday, 1/19 and as of Monday, 1/26  I was down 1.2 pounds.  Not great, but that is also coming off a "vacation" weekend spent in Galveston.  I wasn't horrible, but did overindulge on our room service order...hello wine and bread pudding.  And it was honestly worth every bite. 

Back on track now!  Even though I was bad this weekend I tried to balance and not just throw in the towel.  Before we left on Saturday I had a heatlthy, filling breakfast {Shakeology} and a healthy lunch {turkey slices with avocado and just a sprinkle of cheese + fruit}.  I also consumed lots and lots of water!  I didn't wear my FitBit on Saturday because it looked horrible with my wedding attire {yet another reason I NEED the Tory Burch FitBit Bracelet}, but I tracked on Sunday and hit my 10,000 step goal!

This week is a little different because I'm starting it with a 3 Day Winter Juice Cleanse {Monday-Wednesday}.  On Thursday I plan to go back to tracking my points. 

Because of this, I'm going to talk about my cleansing experience and not specifically "Weight Watchers" which I plan to get back to next week. 

Starting Weight:  158 {last Monday}
Starting Cleanse Weight:  156.8 {Monday}
Current Weight: 154.2 {Wednesday}

Total Loss: 3.8
Juice Cleanse Loss: 2.6

The cleanse is from Define Foods, a local healthy eating  kitchen associated with Define Body, the fabulous Houston barre and cycling studio {starting to franchise so check the website for new locations}!  So the three days look like this:

Wakeup:  Glass of lemon water
Morning:  Nourish Juice - sweet and refreshing
Midmorning:  Glow Juice - very carroty
Lunch:  Revive Juice - similar to Nourish, very yummy
Midafternoon:  Quench Juice - my fave a spicy lemonade with cayenne!  I could drink this everyday.
Snack:  1/4 cup Granola
Dinner:  This is where things change up!  Each night is a soup & salad and dessert.

Night One: 
Soup - Curried Winter "Glow" Soup
Salad - Kale & Quinoa Citrus Salad
Dessert - Avocado-Cacao Pudding + Herbal Tea

Loved both the soup and the salad.  I will make again for sure.  I was way too tired from cooking the dinner to make the dessert too.  I should have made it in advance, but I enjoyed my tea!

Night Two:
Soup - Roasted Cauliflower Soup
Salad - Zucchini Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato & Basil
Dessert - Orange Energy Bites + Herbal Tea

Again, I loved both the soup and salad and was surprised how full they made me.  Especially the soup!  This was my first time having zucchini pasta and thought it was great!  Again, I was too lazy to make the dessert so I just made my tea and called it a night!

Night Three {Will be tonight}
Soup - Beet Soup with Cashew Creme
Salad - Greek Quinoa Salad
Dessert - Cacao Brownie + Herbal Tea

Final Thoughts - If you are in Houston, I definitely recommend this!  It is a little pricey just for 3 days.  I certainly had to buy a lot of new products for the recipes {quinoa, cacao, coconut milk and lots of other new things} so that made it more expensive too.  You might have a healthier kitchen than I do and already keeps these items on hand.  I'm so excited about my energy levels and I also learned a LOT about new ways to get those fruits and veggies in.  It's also a great exercise for your will power. 

Have you tried anything new this week that is working for you???

Be sure to linkup below if you've written a post lately about Weight Watchers, healthy eating, fitness or anything that you think we should checkout!  I will make this is a weekly linkup for anyone who is interested. 


  1. looks great! I love a good cleanse. I'm jealous your already down almost 4lbs too!! Ive been meaning to ask you how you make your shakeology shakes?? I know you use PB2. What are you measurements?

    1. Hey Annie! I do 1 scoop of chocolate Shakeology, about 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk, 8 oz of ice (you go do cold water too, but I like mine like a milkshake and really cold, 1 dash of ground cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of PB2. I do this recipe if it's a meal replacement - usually for breakfast. If I just want a "snack" shake I will just the Shakeology and ice/water. Hope that helps! Sidenote: I ordered that Zebra shirt from J. Crew after you posted it and I'm wearing it it!

  2. I've always been super intrigued about juice cleanses and this one looks really good! I'll have to check out their website. The dinners (especially the roasted cauliflower soup) look delicious. Congrats on losing 3.8 pounds! That's amazing. :)



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