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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday :: Part Two :: A Little Extra Motivation

{Read Part One HERE}

It is super difficult to get back to the gym when you are overweight or haven't been in a while - both physically and emotionally. 

Physically - your body isn't used to doing whatever you might be doing.  Feeling that extra jiggle as you try to run.  Not lasting through all the counts at barre class.  Or even throwing up after an intense spin.  It's hard to get back into it, especially if you were active once before and realize your body is very far from it's glory days. 

Emotionally - it can be super intimidating to walk into a packed gym or a new class.  And that is if you feel good about yourself.  Add being overweight and unhappy with your present physical condition makes it twice as hard.  What will the instructor think of the "fat girl" trying to keep up.  What if I'm the biggest person in the class? 

GO WITH A FRIEND - Going with a friend is an excellent option to easing back into a workout routine.  It makes trying a new class less scary and more fun. 

For me, years ago when I wanted to start going to Define that person for me was Ashley.  I was super out of shape and not happy with my body, but we kept at it and not only had the BEST time together rolling our eyes at the people who took themselves a little too seriously and giggling through the hard parts, but changing our bodies for the better.  When Ashley moved I kept at it and ended up being in excellent shape...this was all pre-baby. 

While I don't have Ash to motivate me to the gym right now, the next best thing is feeling confident with yourself, even in your present state...

aka, a new workout OUTFIT!

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT - I know that sounds shallow, but I've learned that if you feel good about yourself you are going to put yourself out there more.  If you are trying to squeeze into your workout gear that is two sizes too small, you will not feel very confident walking into a new gym.  I'm not saying you should buy a whole new wardrobe {if your goal is to lose weight} don't want clothes that won't fit in a few months when you are dropping those lbs.  Just something to give you that little extra oomph to throw on your workout clothes at the end of a long day and go for a walk. 

I ran into Lulu yesterday with my partner in mom and found a few new fun finds that I thought were worth mentioning today {especially for those of us struggling with our current state}

If you are new to Lululemon, I suggest going to a store to try on if there is one near you.  Their sizing can be really hard to gauge.  There are lots of form fitting tops that just don't work on me no matter how high up in size I go...and their largest size is a 12.  

Did you know they will hem your pants for free? 

Sidenote about Lulu: I used to feel very self-conscious going into Lulu because most of the people there are super fit and ask you personal questions (they really aren't personal) about what you do to workout, but they really are nice - it's probably the endorphins!  I just always felt like they were judging me, thinking this girl needs to workout. But in reality, I've never met a rude Lulu employee and they are super helpful if you let them. 

I love this top because it's cute, but is loose without looking baggy.  It will hide your flaws and is super cool for running outside or any hot studio.  You can always tuck into your pant if you are doing yoga or something where you don't want you top to fly up!

Run Away Tee {Final Sale for $39!}
This bra is great because of the extra wide band at the bottom.  It will help conceal any back fat you are working with!   It also comes in black and a really cute animal print that I really wish would have been in stock at my store!

Solo Bra
I did not see this top in person so I can not speak from experience, but it looks like something I would love.  Not form-fitting in the waist, possibly long enough to cover your bum {I'm short and this model is probably tall} and a cute mesh cut in the front without being too revealing...I may need to order!  I don't know about you, but I hate when I'm doing a barre workout and I feel like my boobs are coming out of my CRB or other Lulu tanks. 

Plus a colorful bra like above would be a fun pop of color underneath!

Plank Tank
Game changer right here!  I have always loved my Lululemon classic Wunder Unders.  They are awesome pants for yoga, barre and just lounging around, but with my current weight woes, I have noticed I'm not reaching for them much because they do not conceal my muffin top.

Enter Wunder Under - Roll Downs!  These are ultra high-waisted if you want them to be or you can "roll down" the waist for a low or mid rise.  Brilliance!

Wunder Under - Roll Down Version
 And finally, a good jacket or long sleeve pullover is great for going to and from your gym - or running errands afterwards.  I rock mine even when the temps warm up when I need to feel more concealed. Even though the Define Jacket is form fitting, it is surprisingly slenderizing and flaw-concealing.  Just go try one on!

Define Jacket

My favorite places for workout gear are Target, Lululemon and even Old Navy.  Lulu is my fave but can be super pricey.  Lately Target and Old Navy have been killing it with great Lulu dupes.

Where is your favorite spot to get workout gear???


  1. Confession - I've never been to Lulu! I am dying over that orange top though...... so a little Lulu may be in my future soon.

  2. Oh, I think I need a pair of those Wunder Under pants!!! Thanks for being so honest about how you feel because I can totally relate! I'm a runner but trust me, there is no runner body.

  3. This is a great series, Chelsea! I bought a pair of heathered maroon WU cotton roll downs in the fall and have practically lived in them ever since. So slimming!



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