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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday

Hump Day!  It's time to kickoff Weight Watchers Wednesday on The Perfect Catch Blog!  I figured that this first week would be a great time to introduce the program and how I plan to make it work.  Even if you aren't doing WW, I plan to share recipes, workout news and other updates each Wednesday that are working {or aren't working}.

Before we begin, I started a Healthy Eats Pinboard yesterday if you want to find some new recipes this week!  Would love for you to follow along.  

Chelsea Stat's
I hate putting this stuff out there, but love reading when others do it so here you go {now that's love for ya'll} I truly have nothing to hide.

Height: 5'4''
Current Weight: 158 pounds
Current Size: 10/12 or Large
Daily Points: 33
Weekly Flex Points: 49

Goal Weight: 135 pounds
Starting Weight when 6 weeks pregnant with Jack: 145 pounds
Ending Pregnancy Weight at 39 weeks pregnant: 185 pounds

What I hate most about my current state: Face, doublechin and stomach area
What I love most about my current state: Butt and Hair {you must celebrate your successes too}

How the program works:

When you signup for Weight Watchers, you input your height, weight, etc. and are given your daily point amount.  This go around mine is 33, however this is not only different for everyone, but different based on your current weight.  In the past, I've been given a much lower Point Count, but that shows you how much larger I am these days.  Kelly, my partner in crime gets 27 Points per day for instance.  As I lose weight, my points will also decrease.  {If you are pregnant or nursing, your points will increase FYI so be sure and add that to your profile when doing your calculations}

Sample Daily Breakdown of my Daily Allowance
Breakfast - 5 {Shakeology with PB2 and unsweetened almond milk}
Snack -2 {Dried Apricots}
Lunch - 11 {Grilled chicken sandwich, side salad and fruit cup}
Snack - 2 {String Cheese and Berries}
Dinner - 10 {Salmon filet with steamed veggies}
Snack - 3 {Weight Watchers Ice Cream}

You also get Weekly Flex points that can be used for splurges like eating out, alcohol, sweets, etc.  I try to reserve these for the weekend when it's harder to be disciplined.  This weekend for instance, we will be out of town for a wedding so I will likely partake in some cake and a glass of wine! I get 49 of these Weekly Flex Points. 

I use my Weight Watchers App throughout the day to track my points, calculate how much something is and use the Restaurant Point Counter when I eat out.  It really makes WW so easy! 

Points are calculated using 4 factors: Fat, Carbs, Fiber and Protein. 

We will use a Larabar as an example - it's yummy, sweet and made of dried fruit and nuts.  I like to keep these in my purse in case I'm ever out and dying of hunger.  It also helps in the afternoon if I've dying for something sweet.  Just look at the label on the bar and input the info.  5 points is a little high for a snack, but these are great if you need a boost for a workout or are just generally STARVING!

The Restaurant Point Guide is one of my favorite parts because it already has so many of the foods we all eat pre-calculated for you.  If I'm heading somewhere I use my app to decide what to eat.  Sometimes it will shock you how much things are!

This really helps make your decision for you!

You can also track your daily activity on the app which can help with your points!  I synced my FitBit to my WW app so my steps will automatically be taken into account each day.  Yesterday I earned 1 activity point for my daily steps...which is considered a pretty bad walking day of only 6,000 steps {my goal is at least 10,000}. 

A few topics I plan on covering in coming weeks:

My mom and I trying a little 3 Day Juice Cleanse NEXT WEEK...
Getting back to the Barre...
Recipes from Skinny Taste and Weight Watchers...
And even a little fashion with fun, new workout gear...

Ashley, maybe we can even try and discuss those Kate Spade New Balance shoes we texted about! You know, for the blog, of course :)

Reminder to let me know if you are interested in starting a linkup or private Facebook Accountability group!

Hope you are having a great {and healthy} week.



  1. Good luck! Right now I am just focused on moving more. Seriously, the fitbit has shown me how sedentary I am while I'm at work so making an effort to get those 10K steps is better than nothing. And I'm pretty much in love with those Kate Spade sneakers... going on my amazon wish list right now!

  2. I love this post!! I've done WW of and on for quite awhile and loved the accountability of it! Right now I'm just trying to focus on small changes and healthy eating. What is the weight watchers app? I would definitely be interested in a link up or something like it!!

  3. Oh crap, you've published it so now I actually have to do it. This is good... we can do anything for 3 days....I think I can, I think I can......Mom

  4. You can do it!!! Writing things down has always helped me in the past. It makes you see what you're eating and holds you accountable. Can't wait to follow along! And get some new recipes! ;)

  5. Good luck!!!! I would really love to do a link-up with you for WW Wednesdays!!! I did my own WW post today (a day late oops) on my blog ( and tagged your blog (since I got the idea from you). This is my second go around on WW and it's so much different from the first time (post-baby body, actually going to the gym lol, etc.).



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