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Friday, January 30, 2015

Five on Friday :: Beauty Routines

TGIF!  Sorry for the late post.  I'm still recovering from all the tears shed and sadness that the final Parenthood episode brought last night.  I loved how they ended it though.  There was so much goodness, but my favorite lines always come from Max :: "selfies are killing our industry"

I seem to have had lots of new stuff going on with my beauty routine so I thought that would be the theme of today's Five on Friday!


My favorite everyday, gentle cleanser that I use is Aveeno's Foaming Facewash {I've used and like both versions}.  It really seems to get all the makeup off without over-drying or irritating my skin. 


I'm currently using Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light Foundation and Matte Perfecting Primer.  LOVE the primer.  Like the foundation.  I could probably do better, but I'm lazy and don't feel like experimenting on something new.  After Kate of The Small Things Blog posted about her love for the Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream I'm anxious to try it on days on don't need to be quite as made-up. 

What is your favorite foundation and/or BB Cream? 


Ulta's anticipated 20% off entire purchase coupon expires tomorrow if you are still holding onto one.  I used mine today for a few new makeup brushes.  Most of my brushes (while great) are super old and starting to shed little hairs all over my face.  Not a good look. 

Anyone else love Real Techniques brushes?  If you aren't familiar, they are great brushes at affordable, drugstore prices (the Core Collection is $18 for 4 brushes + case).  The brand recently launched a "Bold Metals" collection that is exclusive to Ulta and stirred some controvery because they are a higher quality line of their popular brushes so some fans of the brand were upset that they were leaving their affordable roots behind. 

It's always great to have options people!  The bold metals collection runs from $16-$26 per brush so a little closer to what a MAC brush would run you, but still cheaper than super high end like Nars.  There are 7 brushes total in the collection: 2 Gold (Foundation brushes), 2 Rose Gold (Finishing brushes) and 3 Silver (Eye brushes). 


I also recently discovered Anastasia Brow Products...I know, where have I been!  I've heard the hype, but never looked into it.  While my mom and I were browsing Macy's last week, an Anastasia rep was there and did our brows.  Not only did we end up loving the Brow Wiz pencil that I originally wanted to try, but also grabbed the Tinted Brow Gel and the Brow Duality Pencil which features a matte and shimmer highlight that is so easy to apply. 


I'll end this post with a funny, little story for ya!  I had the most embarrassing visit to the dermatologist this week. It was a new doctor who came highly recommended...and it didn't help that he isn't bad looking. I wanted a "skin check" since it has been awhile and I severely abused tanning beds in my younger years. I had to strip down to just my skivvies and lay underneath an ultra light and have him and a nurse comb my body and discuss their findings. I don't mean to scare you about the's a necessary thing! The staff and doc couldn't have been more nice, professional and quick, but when I get embarrassed or just hot my chest and neck break out in a hives-looking rash. I promise I can't even feel it, but it looks painful.

The only thing that makes it worse is when people point it out to me. Which of course is what the nurse and doc did, while looking at me in horror shock. I told them that's just what happens to also happens when I drink sometimes or in the summer when I walk out of an air-conditioned building to my super hot car it's hives city.

Even though I left feeling less than stellar about my self esteem, I was put on a great skincare routine to help combat some of the signs of aging (and sun damage) on my face that is still gentle enough if and when I get pregnant again.

And a piece of advice when going for a visit - wash your hair! I was rocking dirty hair curls, which looked adorbs until he had to check all through my scalp, followed by asking me if I'm generally oily. Not unless I don't wash my hair doc!

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Good to know about the Dermatologist! I like to be prepared for awkward moments as much as possible! I used Estee Lauder double wear too. (I switch back and forth from light to...not light, I guess) I tried the BB cream and was not a fan...womp womp. Happy Friday!

  2. Why is it that I'll buy Starbucks for days but won't invest in some good brushes? And I have yet to make a purchase at Ulta. Is that crazy?! I need to look into those brushes. Years ago, my mom got me set from Chanel for Christmas, but it was only about 4 brushes. I still use those though. :) I think it's time for some new ones though. And I'll look into putting together a little something about my "beauty" routine, but like I said, it ain't much. ;) Happy weekend!

  3. I just happened to click over to your blog today...this post didn't show up in my feed for some reason!? I'm happy to report that since going to back to using my clarisonic religiously at night my face is feeling and looking so much better! I always forget how much I like the clarisonic. Also, I've been using coconut oil as an eye makeup remover lately because I ran out and it works so well! Plus I feel like it's moisturizing to the eye area. Bonus! Love ya.

  4. I was using the estee lauder BB Wear GLow and I don't love it... it is sort of thick and it doesn't go very far. Like a tube lasts maybe a month or a little longer? For the price, it sort of irks me that you don't get more out of it.

    I just switched to Bare Minerals Gel Cream and it is AWESOME. It's so light, no need for primer!



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