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Friday, August 14, 2015

Five New Items I'm Excited to Try with Baby #2

Happy Friday!  For this edition of Five on Friday I wanted to share my top five items I'm excited to try with Baby #2.  I either missed these items the first time around or they are brand new.

Any new items on the market that you are excited to try?  

ONE - Solly Baby Wrap

I love the idea of baby-wearing a did a fair amount with Jack.  My only issues with it was that it was really hot when I had Jack (summer in Houston).  This time around with a toddler to care for and the fact that it will be cooler temps, I plan to do much more baby wearing.  I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this wrap plus I'm a sucker for stripes! 

TWO - Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover

I learned of this product when I had Jack, but was already halfway into our nursing journey and didn't want to buy yet another product even though I really wanted it.  This is the first item I ordered when I learned I was expecting #2.  You can use this as a worry-free, no-slip nursing cover, infant seat cover and even shopping cart cover.  It comes in a ton of great patterns too, but hello: stripes!

THREE - Soothe Shirt

I discovered this product on Instagram and seems like a great way to baby wear for those of us who find a wrap complicated or daunting.  It's also a nursing tank!  Doesn't get much easier than this.  Let me know if you have had luck with this product.  I'd love to hear from a "real person" who has tried it before ordering.   

FOUR - Fisher Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper

Yes there are a million and one gadgets out there that take up too much space in our homes - bouncers, rockers, Mamaroos, oh my, but when I saw this Rock 'n Play sleeper that is now automatic meaning it doesn't stop rocking until you turn it off, I was sold!

FIVE -Infanteenie Beenie

I don't know about you, but Jason and I quickly learned with Jack that the only hat that would stay on his newborn head was the hospital cap.  Luckily we were given a couple to take home.  Everything else looks so cute, but wouldn't stay on but for a few seconds.

Infanteenie Beenie solved that and use the hospital style caps, but make them cute!  I ordered two for Colin: one with his name embroidered and one with his monogram.  All of their styles are so cute, especially some of the sweet girlie ones.  I'm dying over this Mom one, but I resisted! 


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  1. I love these products!!! can't wait to be able to use these for the next one

  2. Did you get the Solly already? I was so shocked how small it could get and could roll right up into my diaper bag! My Moby couldn't do that!

  3. The Rock & Play with the vibrating soother is amazing - we wore the batteries out so much! Great investment.



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