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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Forgive me for not posting this weekend recap on Monday - I was totally consumed by Jack's first day of preschool.  I went to the office between dropoff and pickup, but I can't say it was the most productive day ever.  I'll post more about his first day later, but it was great!

This past weekend I wanted to stay home and prepare for school and nursery and just be.  Mission accomplished.  


Nothing exciting to report from Friday.  Jack had his last Little Gym class of the summer during the day.  We had delicious tamales for dinner and after putting Jack to sleep caught up on the first two episodes of Hard Knocks on HBO since this year the show is following the Houston Texans!

I don't actually enjoy watching football, but I still get excited for football season since it's means the coming of fall and cooler temps.  The show is awesome!  I love getting a behind the scenes look at training camp and learning more about the players.  Anyone else watching?


Saturday morning I gave Jason a long "honey-do" list that was meant to be done over the course of several weekends.  Mr. Overachiever knocked out the majority of my list by the time Jack and I had breakfast!

Afterwards we took Jack to get a "back-to-school" haircut and he was a champ as always.

Saturday afternoon I learned that our new chair for Colin's nursery was ready for pickup so I ran up to Babies R Us to try and fit that and the ottoman in my Honda CRV.  I honestly thought this would involve two trips and people laughing at me for thinking I could fit a chair in my car, but to my surprise we got BOTH the chair and the ottoman in with room to spare!

Love the chair we finally chose.  It's super cozy and looks great in the room.  I'm very sure I'm crazy for choosing a white chair, but I'll take my chances.  I looked at approximately 1,713 chairs and was sick of shopping around! 

Saturday night we ordered pizza and settled in to watch the Texans preseason game.  I watched an entire football game...what?  Who am I? 


Sunday morning we were up bright and early (I considered this my test run for preschool) for the early service at church since this service was doing it's annual "Blessing of the Backpacks" to get ready for school!  

We loaded up Jack with his backpack and it was precious watching him and all of the kiddos - both big and small - take their "packs" as Jack calls them to the altar for a special blessing.

After the service we were able to walk to Jack's classroom (our church is also where Jack attends Preschool) and meet the teacher and show him where he would eat lunch and put his backpack.  He had no idea what was coming the next day, but had fun regardless!

After lunch I ran to the grocery store while Jack was napping - I suspect Jason napped too, although he offered to go for me.   Although the store was CRAY I wanted to go since I would be packing Jack's lunches...I wanted to get lots of things I thought he would like - mama bear anxiety.

After Jack woke up and I unloaded the groceries, we hung out in the pool before dinnertime.  Our pool has this unique "spa/tub" thing at the top of the rocks that Jason showed to Jack for the first time.  He thought it was so cool to be high up.  We still haven't braved the water slide with him yet and don't think we will for a while with him!

That evening, we prayed, prepped and planned for Jack's first day of preschool the next morning!  More on that soon...


  1. The chair looks great. I have two white pottery barn couches and everyone thought I was nuts when I bought them. But, I've never regretted it and after 4 years, 2 kids and a dog, they still look pretty darn good.

  2. Your pool looks so awesome! I would be out there every day in the summer. lol.



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