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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Update :: 28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks
Size of Coffee Bean: 2 1/4 pounds and measuring about 15 inches
Fruit/vegetable comparison:  Large eggplant {According to Baby Center}

Gender:  Another Baby Boy!
Showing: Oh yes!
Maternity clothes:  100% Maternity pants and 90/10 in tops and dresses.  Everything is getting tighter and I'm starting to have to retire some of my "smaller" maternity pieces.  I'm at the point now that I don't want to buy more maternity items so I'm wearing a LOT of the same pieces over and over and trying to focus on buying non-maternity pieces that will be great for c-section recovery and nursing!
Unglamorous body changes: My belly button is looking crazy!
Sleep:  Okay
Movement: Whoa...Colin is a kicker!
Food cravings: Nothing specific
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No
Wedding rings on or off: Engagement ring is on, but my stack of other two rings is too tight when worn together.  
Mood: Getting a little cranky...the heat plus the huge belly make me a little short with people...sorry!
Best moment this week:  Putting the crib together, having the dresser delivered and putting away baby clothes in Colin's newly organized closet!
Strange experiences:  A fellow pregnant mom telling me it would "suck" {her words} to be pregnant with another boy while we were taking our glucose tests together.  She was having her second baby too: a girl and she already has a boy.  Thanks a lot stranger!  Why are people so fixated on having one boy and one girl.  I'm thrilled about my boys and have started calling people out when they make comments about trying for a girl next time, etc. 

Milestones: Hitting the third trimester officially! 
Looking forward to: I'm strangely looking forward to my next doctors visit later this week.  I love the reassurance that everything is looking good and I'm anxious to hear if we are ready to set a tentative c-section date yet.

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  1. A baby is blessing no matter if its a boy or girl! We're having a little boy in October and I would LOVE to have another one. Boys always love their mommas more :)

  2. Why would someone say that about it sucking having another boy? I get that what's good for one person might not be for another, but why would you say that to another person who is pregnant? I don't understand people sometimes....

  3. It's people's obsession with perfection and assuming that you believe a boy and a girl is the perfect combination of children to have. I got lucky with both on one pregnancy but I look forward to the day that I maybe have another child and will definitely not care what the gender is. People are way too outspoken and you need to just brush it off and go on enjoying your pregnancy!

  4. Oh my gosh I completely agree! If one more person tells me that they hope I"m having a girl I will punch their knees in backwards!

  5. Oh people are so ignorant. Healthy baby is MOST important!!! Practice your side-eye ;) People always assume that we are done b/c we got the boy and the girl first shot out (and I mean, we are but that's not the reason!) Thanks, stranger, for your family planning tips, ha! You look great btw! xo



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