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Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap :: Nesting Took Over

Hello Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I'm in denial that Jack starts preschool a week from today and I've majorly caught the nesting bug.  


I was able to get a pedicure before getting Jack from the nanny on Friday afternoon which is the perfect way to start the weekend.  Pedicure and decaf iced coffee in hand = my pregnant happy hour!

Jason brought home Lupe Tortilla for dinner...another treat!  And we were in bed early.  Love it!


Saturday was major "get sh*t done day."  I had the nesting bug big time!  I was on Jack duty the first part of they day while Jason had some things to do and he was on Jack duty that evening. 

Some things that we accomplished included getting Colin's closet organized, most of the newborn/0-3 months/3 months clothes washed and put away, put together crib, setup 2nd nursery camera, organize drawers in new changing table, order nursery chair!   It's really starting to come together which makes me feel great.  We had a Target and Lowe's trip...pretty standard weekend errands these days. 

I promise our walls don't look so bad in real life...they are a gray shade, but this image is horrible!

Now that the crib is up, I can't wait to get our bedding back!  It's been ordered but takes weeks to come in.  I also plan to do a gallery wall above the crib, but am still working on that project.  Also, our drawers/changing table were delivered on Thursday to make the nursery look even more complete!

Jack took a nap strike on Saturday, but was otherwise a super sweet boy, helping me and being sweet. 

Saturday evening I met some friends at Studio Movie Grill to see Train Wreck and celebrate Ashley's birthday.  It was nice to have some girl time and see a movie...something I haven't done in too long.

When I got home Saturday night, I had a FedEx delivery of Colin's Ruby Love baby book!  Jack's is also by Ruby Love so I was excited to get a coordinating one for Colin.  I was thrilled that they had a similar fabric that I'm using in his nursery.  Fate!  I'm so happy with how it turned out.  I'm sure my boys won't even give a hoot about these when they are grown up, but at least Jason and I will cherish them!


Sunday morning was pretty standard.  We went to the grocery store midday together, came home and made a yummy lunch and then put Jack down for his nap.  Despite the items I still had on my to-do list I listened to my body and stopped for an hour.  Both Jason and I ended up getting naps in along with Jack! 

As soon as everyone was up we put our butts in gear and went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land.  This is a much smaller campus than the Houston location, but it's closer and so much easier to park!  I've been wanting to check this place out with Jack all summer.  We only had an hour to browse before they closed (thanks to our long naps) but that was the perfect amount of time for Jack.  Plus there was barely anyone there so Jack got full run of the place!  He loved seeing the dinosaurs, fish and frogs and playing in the Dig Pit. 

We drove through Bahama Bucks on the way home for some snow-cones.  I was curious if it was worth the hype and it was.  After hanging out in the backyard with our snow-cones and letting Jack go crazy with his water table, we prepped dinner and were least I was. 

While Jack was getting bathed I cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry and put away a few more nursery items that had taken up residence in our dining room.  Once Jack was asleep, Jason and I climbed into bed, beat from the weekend and watched Bachelor in Paradise (so mindless, yet entertaining) before crashing!

I'm so freaked out that my pregnancy is going to be cut short by either bed-rest or an early delivery (I think this because I feel so huge already) that I'm stressing myself out trying to get "everything" prepped and ready for Baby Colin.  I've got to slow it down a bit and trust that it will all get done...


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! My nesting is in full gear lately!

  2. Love that fabric -- where did you get it? We watched Bachelor in Paradise on Sunday too and I kept thinking I how I believe I was watching it. lol What has happened to Joe?!?



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