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Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hello Monday.  I'm ready for ya!

We had a super productive weekend so although I'm exhuasted this Monday, I'm also feeling great about what we accomplished.  For some reason I've had a lot of stress over moving Jack's room and this was the weekend to do it.    


Nothing exciting on Friday as both Jason and I had normal work days.  Jack had the only excitement of the day when he was awarded a "Leadership" and "Most Improved" award at Little Gym, given to only two kids in his class by his instructor {pictured below}.  


Half work, half play!  The first half of the day we did some normal errands: trying to find a chair for the nursery and striking out, Lowe's and lunch.  I did a quick run to the grocery store while Jack took a nap and then we all hung out by the pool and ended the day by grilling. 

Last weekend Jack discovered corn on the cob.  All week he's been asking us for corn (off the cob and he's not interested).  So Saturday night we grilled some corn for him and boy did he love it! 


Sunday was the big move day so Jason was on the move as soon as Jack woke up moving furniture and hanging pictures.  You see, while most people may make a transition to a "big boy room" with furniture we actually needed to MOVE Jack's room to a different side of the house.  His current nursery is placed in the perfect spot for just that - a nursery - making it a better spot for Colin.  We didn't want to wait and switch him when the baby came, not wanting to rock his world all at once.  I don't know why I had guilt and anxiety about moving him, but I did. 

He is the best sleeper in his crib still so we decided to keep him in his comfort zone with all of the same furniture to make the move.  We just added a few new toys to get him excited - the kid loves his animals!

Everything turned out great and Jack was so excited for his new room or "surprise" as he kept calling it.  He slept great the first night and I am relieved.  Now I can start really working on Colin's nursery too! 

My dad and stepmom came over Sunday afternoon to help us move furniture, but Jason already had it done by the time they arrived {show-off} so we were able to just have a good visit and play with Jack.  We went to dinner at Lupe Tortilla to end the weekend. 

We had a great dinner, but also had a parental rite of passage when Jack threw up all over himself (and us) at the table at the restaurant and of course I didn't bring a change of clothes!  He just had a piece of food go down the wrong way and freaked out.  He was great within five minutes after getting him cleaned up in the bathroom.  We all survived! 

Sorry to end the weekend recap with a throw-up sorry!

This week I'm looking forward to getting more little nursery projects completed, checking the dentist off of my August Goals and hopefully learning that I passed my glucose test!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday and week.  

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  1. Hey girl! I got a Newco chenille glider from for both of my girls rooms and love it. It's SO soft and comes in many colors. It has an ottoman you can order too. Just wanted to share.



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