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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Then Life Happened

I had grand plans of getting a "Stocking Stuffer Idea List" out yesterday for the favorite things linkup and a "What To Wear on Thanksgiving" post out today...but then life happened. 

Jack got his cast off on Monday and was all set to have a followup appointment with his pediatrician this morning to check his ear infection and then...tested positive for the flu! 

We can't seem to catch a break lately! 

Anyway, our Thanksgiving plans have now been derailed and we plan to spend a quiet day at home instead of at my mom's.  Don't feel too sorry for us - I'm sure my mom will bring lots of yummy leftovers to us.  It will just be a bummer to miss seeing all of our Houston relatives when this is the year we were to spend Thanksgiving with them therefore won't see them at Christmas.  They always seem to get the short end of the stick.  But I digress...

I'm finishing up a few things at work this afternon before heading home to be with sickie.  And yes, I plan to be back at work on Friday.  No Black Friday shopping for me. 

Are you planning any Black Friday sales?  Do share!  I'm honestly already sick of the Black Friday {that seems to have already started on Wednesday}, Cyper Monday and Small Business Saturday sales.  We got it...everything is on sale.  Let's move on. 


  1. Oh no, I hope Jack feels better soon. Flu is running rapid down in South Alabama. They have been talking about it on the news.

  2. I won't be bringing you leftovers....I'll be bringing you the first servings of the feast!! We will miss you in person, of course, but ALL of us understand. We love you very much....we'll figure something out for Christmas!

  3. Poor kiddo! Y'all gave had a run of bad luck! Get it all out if the way now so y'all can enjoy Christmas, germ and cast free!

  4. Oh man, I still can't believe on top of everything he can down with the flu. What a bummer. I'm sending y'all super awesome December vibes!!



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