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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jack's Playroom Inspiration Board

Jack's Playroom Inspiration Board

I'm currently working on creating a playroom for Jack in our upstairs family room.  Right now the room consists of a desk and chair (that rarely get used), TV and a couch/chair/end table.  Jack's toys are kept in baskets and there is a lot of space for him to play.   
I'm told that originally this room was several rooms in our house, but previous owners knocked down walls and we lost our tall entryway to create this ultra large "gameroom" for what was once used as a homeschool classroom.  It's an interesting room for sure that has been the source for lots of conversations as to what we should use it for.  My goal is to make it more cozy and functional for everyone so we will want to spend more time in it. 
Eventually we want to replace the couch and chair with a large, comfy sectional, but there are higher things on our financial priority list at the moment.  Ugh!
Back to Jack's playroom.  I'm looking to add neutral pieces that can be easily moved to work in other rooms as we grow as a family like when the time comes for Jack to move to a "big boy room." 
My inspiration is above!  I'm going for an indoor campsite vibe.  All I have currently is a few stuffed animals, some arrow garland to add to the teepee and one wall print - ha!  Definitely a work in progress!  We plan to give Jack a teepee from Santa this year and I'm hoping to add the Ikea pieces very soon {table and chairs, easel, book shelves}. 

I'm obsessed with that Raccoon pillow from Land of Nod.  Especially since we have raccoons running around in our backyard and Jack likes to say rakoo.  Land of Nod also has the cutest S'Mores Campfire Set and Sleeping Bag that would look great with the look I'm aiming for. 
I would also love to have this image by Mommas Gonna Snap printed as a large canvas to hang on the wall.  Where is your favorite place to order your canvases from? 
Jason and I had a personalized rustic sign at our wedding that I already have hung in this room and will look great with everything else I'm planning {I hope}.  Designer I am not!!!

Stay tuned for progress on this room.  Once I get the itch to do something, it's hard for me to not jump all in and get it done, but I have to wait until at least Christmas since that is when we will give Jack his teepee.  Hopefully I can collect most everything else by then too so by Jan. 1 it's done!  This will be really hard for me as I already wanted to start moving furniture last night {my husband just rolls his eyes}... 
So am I missing anything?  Have you seen any pieces lately that I should checkout? 

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  1. Nations Photo Lab does a fabulous job on Canvas prints and also any other prints. You can do a single weight or double weight matt on printed pics for frames that make larger prints really nice. They always have coupons and specials running.



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