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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello Lovelies!  Hope you had a great weekend.  If you are off this entire week {likely teachers} I'm super jealous.  No rest for me, but instead of calling today Monday we shall call it Thanksgiving Week kickoff...

...and {hopefully} also the day my baby gets his cast off.  Fingers crossed!  We are seeing the doctor first thing in the morning...I'm sure I'll be posting updates on Instagram

On Friday we were super predictable and watched How To Get Away With Murder in bed before calling it a night. - whoa - love that show and can't believe we have to wait until January for a new one!  We are always so exhausted on Fridays from the week and Jason had an extra killer week at work. 

On Saturday it was supposed to be rainy all day plus Jack is still recovering from being sick last week so we just ran a few errands, grabbed lunch and headed home for a few small projects including hanging these file holders on Jack's wall for his ever-growing book collection. 

Saturday afternoon I left the boys at home and headed to Shannon's Confirmation mass.  I am so proud of her and it was beautiful to see her receive her first Communion and be confirmed.  After the mass, all of the girls had a special dinner for her at Ouisie's Table - one of our favorite restaurants in Houston. 

As Shannon pointed out, the rain {once inside} was actually so beautiful to watch from our table {one of my favorite things about Shannon is seeing the positive in everything}.  It was also fun to watch the wedding reception going on in the main restaurant.  We had a wonderful meal that lasted longer the wedding reception!

On Sunday I woke up feeling exhausted and under the weather - that's what my night owl tendencies during the week get me!  We opted out of church {terrible} and were lazy at home until around 11:30 when we headed to my step-sisters house for the Texans game and a little pre-Thanksgiving bash since none of us will be together on Thursday.  Jack had lots of fun playing with his cousin who is only a month younger than him! 

After the Texans LOST we headed to my mom & LE's house to celebrate LE's birthday with coffee and fave!  My mom couldn't find any birthday candles so she sure did stick a candle off the mantle into the cobbler.  Gotta love it!

Jack loved playing on their player piano and petting all of the animals they have mounted throughout the house.  He kept saying "a bird," "a duck," "a quack," "a deer."  It was precious. 

Now I'm sitting in bed watching the AMA's and planning to hit the hay very soon! 

AMA highlights?  So far I've loved Iggy Izalea, Lorde and Sam Smith.  Selena Gomez's performance was very real and raw too.  And my goodness, I've never been a huge Taylor Swift fan, but this girl keeps getting more beautiful and gracious and real and I love how she seems to love her sweet girlfriends who all support each other.  And whoa - Fergie looks amazing!  I can't wait for Jennifer Lopez and Iggy to close it out!

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Love the book storage idea! Crossing my fingers his cast comes off!



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