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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend & Halloween Recap: Candy, Costumes...Oh and a Broken Leg!

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Halloween.  We certainly did until around 11pm on Friday night when Jack woke up screaming.  More on that in a minute...


After work on Friday Jason and I both rushed home to get ready for trick-or-treaters!  We made "Mummy Dogs" for an early dinner and got Jack and Tucker dressed.  We hit a few houses with Jack so he could get the "trick-or-treating" experience and then headed home to pass out candy. 

Jack had a minor spill on our bottom stair with myself, Jason and my mom standing right there...I was actually sitting on the bottom stair with him!  He just got a little tripped up when scooting down and we suspect twisted his ankle.  At the time we didn't think much of it.  He cried, but was also very tired from a short nap that day so we bathed him and put him to bed. 

We got through the night of trick-or-treaters, Tucker was annoyed with the constant doorbell, but Jack slept for hours.  Around 11pm he woke up screaming and could not be consoled.  We thought his tummy was hurting him by the way he was moving and acting.  We gave him Tylenol just in case which didn't seem to do much.  We were up with him until 3am when he finally passed out while I was rocking him. 


On Saturday morning, still thinking Jack was up last night because of a stomach ache, we took it easy getting breakfast done, watching cartoons in bed and playing quietly at home. 

Jack was a little fussy every now and then, but mostly seemed better.  It wasn't until after he ate lunch that I noticed he would not put weight on his right leg.  It had me worried so I called his pediatrician's on-call doctor who thought it might be a viral infection in his hip and told me to visit Urgent Care just to be safe.  He told me they would likely do x-rays, however his little slip on the stairs likely was nothing. 

We reported to urgent care around 2pm and were seen fairly quickly (I was prepared for a LONG wait) since it is first come first serve.  The doctor examined him and wanted to do x-rays immediately to rule that out before moving forward with lab work.  And cue the long wait...

Their x-ray machine wasn't sending the images to the radiologist properly so we waited a long time to see if it would get fixed. 

Around 5pm we headed to the ER for x-rays and blood work...and more waiting!  We waited an hour for the lab work and an hour for the x-rays. 

I can't say enough how much of a trooper Jack was.  Luckily I brought tons of snacks and the iPad so we could watch Mickey and Peppa Pig.  I think he handled the waiting better than Jason and I did. 

We finally got home around 7:30, greeted our house guests who had arrived earlier that day, had dinner and got Jack bathed and to bed.  Around 9pm Jack was asleep and the Urgent Care doctor called me after reviewing all the results and said we needed to come in immediately to get his leg in a splint because it was a fracture..


No wonder Jack has been in pain all day.  I did not want to wake him up, but I also didn't want it to get worse or have another bad night so we pulled him out of bed and rushed to the clinic where we WAITED...

He finally got a great splint on his leg and was so brave during the whole thing.  Off to bed we all went, although I didn't get much sleep worrying!


Jack rested fairly well on Saturday night, but I wanted him to have a very quiet day to keep his leg still.  We opted out of Church and went for a walk at Enchanted Gardens, a nursery near our house that Jason's mom always likes to visit when she is in town.  Jack enjoyed the fresh air and being carted around in his wagon. 

Jason, his mother and sister and Jack all took it easy and watched the Texans game/napped while I went to the grocery store and got dinner ready.  I put Jason on the grill and we had a good meal finally.

Jack slept well again only waking up crying once around 11pm.  A quick story and rock from mama did the trick and we went back to sleep.  I tried to blog Sunday evening, but my brain and body were both fried. 


I took the day off since the plan was to get Jack into see an orthopedic specialist and get a cast.  First thing Monday morning I was calling offices researching the best doctor for Jack.  We got him into our first choice, that day, but not until 4:30. 

We still had house guests and unfortunately, Jason woke up sick so he stayed in bed most of the day!  Can't we catch a break?!?!

We headed out the door for Jack's appointment early just so we could do more...waiting!  It is crazy how much waiting we did over the weekend.  Once again Jack was a model patient.  Once we finally saw the doctor Jack sat perfectly still while they put the cast on.  He will be in it for 3 weeks and the doctor isn't worried about long-term effects since the bone isn't displaced.  It might even end up stronger than ever!  It truly was a freak accident that although I feel guilty and terrible, know deep down that these things happen.  You can't put them in a protective bubble forever.

Jack now has a cool blue cast from below his knee down.  We were sweatin' it for a minute when the office could only find pink, purple or American Flag casts.  Not really the look I had envisioned for my handsome boy. 

Both Jason and I are back to work today (Tuesday) and Jack is at home recovering with his nanny who was so worried about him over the weekend.  He is definitely getting spoiled with lots of new toys to distract him from having limited mobility and tons of Peppa Pig and Bubble Guppies.  He is getting around much better with the cast and is back to crawling and butt-scooting like a champ!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on Instagram over the weekend!  It certainly made being exhausted and sitting in the waiting room much more tolerable.  Muah!!!


  1. Poor baby Jack! I thought about y'all off and on all weekend after I saw your first pic. And bless your heart, Mama. Hang in there!

  2. Poor Jack! We had a similar experience with a minor fall that cause Colt to be hysterical and not bear weight on his leg for 2 days. Our x-ray turned out fine, but it's so scary and you feel so bad for them! :( Glad you were still able to have fun with Jason's family. Hope things are looking up for y'all this week!!

  3. Oh my gosh, that is so crazy! I am glad he doesn't have to wear the cast for too awful long though. He is such a trooper!

  4. Poor kid!!!! I can't imagine having a cast on a toddler... wishing you luck mama!!!

  5. Hope you get a break soon, you definitely deserve it!! Praying it heals quickly!

  6. Oh no, poor Jack! I hope it heals soon and that next week will be better for you guys.



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