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Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday :: Catching Up

Happy Friday everyone.  I realize that my blogging as of late has consisted of only Five Random Thoughts on Fridays followed by a weekend recap.  I hope to get back to a regular blogging schedule, but with the holidays around the corner I'm not making any promises.  I know, I know, I'm breaking all of the good blogger rules.  I'm a rebel like that. 

In my blogging absence, make sure to follow me on Instagram @ChelseaPurifoy where things are a little more active and consistent!


Hooray for cold weather in Texas this week!  I've been able to wear vests and boot and scarves, oh my!  My new uniform consists of: leggings or skinny jeans, tall boots, plaid shirt and vest.  I've had to dress it up this week for work a bit, but went all casual today for Friday...luckily I can get away with that on Fridays in my office. 


Old Navy has been killing it lately in the casual/loungewear department.  I scored a few things last week using my Old Navy Fast Cash and discount codes and my mom scored a few great things too that she has been rocking this week.  Their flannel pants are my favorite and are as low as $12 right now!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4


A little family update.  Jack is doing great with the cast and yes, it's still on although it is looking pretty shabby.  The heel is getting super worn from being dragged all over the house via the butt-scoot and dead-leg crawl.  Jack has also started to pull the inside lining out.  Fingers crossed it can survive one more week!  We got back on 11/24 to {hopefully} get it off.  Jason is finally feeling better after a week of being sick, but now Jack is back with the sniffles.  We are literally just swapping this cold back and forth. 

Jack's new toy from my step-brother this week - a Texans motorcycle rocker

The three of us are supposed to go to my company's annual staff picnic tomorrow, but with the forecast calling for cold temps and rain and the fact that the picnic is mostly outdoors at a park I think I may fly solo on this my vest and riding boots of course. 


There are two recipes that I plan to try this weekend:

Darby's Two-Minute Crockpot Tortellini
Chicken Avocado Soup


I loved Megan's post {Honey We're Home} over on I Heart Organizing yesterday for a DIY Holiday Card Caddy so much that I went home and promptly recreated it myself last night.  The only items I didn't already have were some gold pulls that I purchased from Lowe's and hot-glued on and the tray that I found at Home Goods. 

I originally went in looking for the bamboo cutlery tray that Megan used, but my Home Goods did not have it and I was not about to make another stop so I improvised with a clear acrylic tray that has gold polka dots on the bottom.  I decided to not make mine Christmas themed so I can use it all year.  I love sending snail mail!

Hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend.  Thanks for hanging with my little blog!



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  1. Ive been loving me some vest and tall boots this year! Visiting from the link up!

  2. Praying Jack gets that cast off soon! I can't imagine!! The cold weather has hit Alabama, too. However, I have no winter clothes. Maybe I can get some cute stuff at Old Navy. We all know I love their kids clothes! =)



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